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Resistance fall of man - 9/10

Resistance Fall of man is a Launch title for the ps3 which has sold many copies. war, you say? oh yeah its a war, but not how you expect it to be. So, there are enemies, but their not friendly, and not human. they are chimera. its a weird word but they are deadly. you dont want to be messing around with these guys. their evil and are out to hunt you. you can say "bye-bye" to the last generation bots, as the new ones have arrived. these chimera "bots" will hunt you down, but i forgot to mention one thing, there isnt just one type of "alien". infact, there are few types of "aliens" that have their own special feature.

This game is action packed, non stop warfare. these guys never quit... unless you can stop them, as your friends (allies/bots) wont do you much. Never in this game say "the sector is clear" as it wont be. these guys come out at times you least expect.So if you are a scardey cat, turn on your flash light and go hide in the corner. There are 4 bars of health in the game, which should help you out, unlike those other games that only have a little bit of health.

The game has the ability to play single player story line, or play co-op with your mates, or a relative. There is also multiplayer that can go up to 40 players in a server and, it does get crowded. The controls of the game are fairly easy, as any FPS fan would.

The game is a great FPS, which can be a good adition to your collection, or your first game. this game is currently bundled with the PS3 starter pack, so its great .

The only thing that i thing is a down on this game is the abillity to play an offline multiplayer match with bots, because some people might not be able to play online, if they dont have the net.

The graphics are great, the gameplay is great, the multiplayer is great, the sound effects are great, the controls of the game are great. this game is a great.

although, this game was having a battle with being banned. the reason why this game was on the path to being banned was that you play in a cathedral in england, which is an exact copy of the real cathedral. people were horrified to see that sony had done this, but not many people cared, because you only have to be in there for a short amount of time.

here is my rating for this game:

Graphics: 9/10: this game has superb graphics for one of the first few PS3 games out worldwide.

Sound: 9/10: no matter what you are playing resistance on, you will always hear the sound of bullets flying around.

Gameplay: 10/10: this game is great to play with a friend in co-operative mode or just play it by yourself.

Controls: 10/10: who cant get used to the basic FPS controls for a game

Multiplayer: 9/10: i say 9/10 because there is no bots for the offline matches, but you can have 4 player split screen matches

Value: 10/10: Either buy this game, or get it with your PS3 starter pack, its worth it

Overall: 10/10: a gold award for sony, with all this hard work and effort. its a must have game for anyone that is allowed to play MA15+ games.

Submitted by skua 08/08/2007 5

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skua says:  

thanks all of you guys, and you will have to wait for my next review... as i just got my starter pack last week

08/09/2007 Somewhere in Sydney, Australia

K-Man says:  

Nice review man, it seems i have some followers Again great job on the review Skua, especially for adding the videos. I look forward to your next review

Also i loved this pic too

Phew! Have you heard of mouth wash?!

08/09/2007 California, U.S

antman1011 says:  

mateo1 said: Great review skua! i can see your following in the footsteps of k-man

that pic is really freaky

Resistance is definately the best game on ps3

Exactly what I was thinking, with the pics and everything

08/08/2007 Melbourne, Victoria

mateo1 says:  

Great review skua! i can see your following in the footsteps of k-man

that pic is really freaky

Resistance is definately the best game on ps3

08/08/2007 Brisbane, QLD {PSN = aimar120}

antman1011 says:  

Yer fantastic review skua, I like how you put some pictures in. It was simple and effective

08/08/2007 Melbourne, Victoria

skua says:  

i love it and thanks callan.

08/08/2007 Somewhere in Sydney, Australia

callan5 says:  

Absolutely brilliant review Skua top stuff man, i agree, one of, if not the best game on PS3 atm

08/08/2007 perth, WA



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