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L.A Noir Details

Some new details about L.A Noir

1 days ago 4 7

No Assassin's Creed Demo

Awwww1 no demo.

2 days ago 6 20

Eye Of Judgement Melbourne Presentation

Sony Computer Entertainment will be demonstrating their upcoming PlayStation 3 game Eye of Judgment at the Armageddon Expo in Melbourne on...

2 days ago 6 7

Rumour: Japan to get 160GB PS3

A recent rumour says that the Japanese are to get a monster PS3 package

3 days ago 12 33

more 40gig ps3 news and a pic of it

well, here is the OFFICIAL pictures of what this model will look like.
taken by suprise here is sony's new work of art. with less features... but a better price!

4 days ago 9 61

Unreal Tournament 3 Delayed

It's official, Unreal Tournament 3 has been delayed until.... NEXT YEAR?!?!?!?

5 days ago 4 6

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Box Art

The Box Art for the newest addition to the Midnight Club franchise.

6 days ago 5 14

MyGames PS3 Listings

NEW 60GB PS3 console for sale! - $630.00

07 Oct 2007 - 02:56

The Darkness - $300.00

06 Sep 2007 - 13:05

Splinter Cell Double Agent - $850.00

16 May 2007 - 20:44

Console - $950.00

01 May 2007 - 16:07


Heavenly Sword

A Walkthrough/FAQ for Heavenly Sword by phoenix009.

1 days ago 1 0

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Preview

We visited Rockstar in Sydney over the weekend and got in some Midnight Club: Los Angeles action. Head on inside for our preview.

09/26/2007 5 2

Transformers - Walkthrough

A FAQ on the Game Transformers for PS3, which should help you in many ways and give you great advice on how to play this great game.

08/18/2007 7 7

August/September Release Dates

Hey want to know when your favourite game comes out, just click here and find out :)

08/17/2007 13 69

Resistance: Fall of Man - Walkthrough

A FAQ to Resistance: Fall of man on the PS3 which should be very helpful in telling you what to do and giving you hints and helpers all through the game

08/13/2007 8 15

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